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Discover How You Can Quickly and Easily Be Your Own Home Decorator - - Using Simple Ideas for Room Makeovers and Redecorating Projects - - Even If You Have No Decorating Skills and a Limited Budget!

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You can be your own home decorator. By using easy redecorating ideas you can create fantastic room makeovers. You will know how to decorate your home in less time and for less money than you can imagine.

“Yeah right,” you say.

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“The living room feels completely different – – open, with more light and

space, beautiful art on the walls – – and it’s all our same old stuff”

Mari B., Natick, MA

Living Room "Before" Makeover

Living Room "Before" Makeover


Living room "after" makeover

Living Room "After" Makeover


You dream about how great your home could look. And, you have every intention of redecorating it…soon. After all, it has been ages since you invited the neighbors over. But your big fear is they will judge you about how your home looks. Even though you are tired of making excuses –  you keep putting off decorating your home.

So, what’s stopping you?

Is it that you can’t imagine a decorating project that is not a major production? Or, remodeling and renovating your home take too much effort? Maybe you just are not up for the aggravation.

Well, you can hire an interior decorator...and schedule an appointment for an in-home decorating consultation. Be prepared to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Or, you can do it yourself…but you remember the last decorating decision you made on your own? What a mistake. All that time and money down the drain…Without the right decorating tips, tricks and insider secrets you were back at square one… overwhelmed, confused and not sure what to do next.

How long can you afford to decorate by trial and error?

You have a third choice!

Imagine if you had professional decorating secrets right at your fingertips.

You are about to discover many of the tricks of the trade some professionals do not want you to know.

Now you can stop worrying about how to decorate a room. Your solution for professional results is here.

You don’t have to guess about the best way to decorate. With the right room makeover ideas and a few, simple redecorating secrets you can feel confident about how to decorate your home — and do it in less time and for money than you may think.

“My husband’s going to drop dead. This room is gorgeous.
I never knew my room could look so good. And, it was done so fast.”
Susan B., Billerica, MA

Living Room "After" Room Makeover

Living Room "After" Makeover


Living Room "Before" Redecorating

Living Room "Before" Makeover


Presenting: Room Makeovers and Redecorating Secrets – – Be Your Own Home Decorator

The easy to follow, step-by-step video guide…it’s like having me sit beside you!


Do you buy loads of home decorating magazines hoping that this time you will find answers to your questions? Then when you don’t find what you want, you buy another and another.

Do you sit glued to the television for hours looking for that one episode that shows you a solution for your living room? And, then you have to be a master carpenter (or hire one) to make the changes?

Are you tired of being frustrated and confused when you try to decorate?

Are you ready for an easier way to be your own home decorator?

If so, this video is for you. You will see how to redecorate your home with skill. Using a few, fast steps you create professional results without spending lots of time or money.

Once you view the video, you’ll be ready to decorate your home with confidence. You will be amazed at how fast you can makeover your rooms with just a few, simple redecorating ideas.

  • Your family will be astonished.
  • Your friends will be impressed.
  • You’ll be proud to show off your home.

You will be surprised at how easy it is to choose paint colors, room decor, home furnishings, and more – – even if you have limited decorating skills.

But, you may have doubts…

What if you never had a good eye for design?

What if you are uncertain about where to start or what goes with what?

What if you have tried to decorate in the past and were embarrassed by the results?

Could you still learn how to create stunning home interiors?


“I didn’t believe I could do it until I tried Jackie’s tips in my home.”
Mel A. Peekskill, NY

Master bathroom before makeover

Master Bathroom "Before" Makeover


Master bathroom after makeover

Master Bathroom "After" Makeover



How Can Room Makeovers and Redecorating Secrets Help?

The video is filled with loads of fast and easy decorating ideas. You don’t need expensive design classes filled with complicated theory meant for professionals rather than you.

With these step-by-step tips, insider secrets and decorating ideas, you can be your own home decorator. You can makeover a room in a day or in minutes depending on the project.

You will find:

  • Living room decorating ideas
  • Bedroom ideas
  • Bathroom ideas
  • Even tips for how to complement your kitchen design
  • And…much, much more!

Room Makeovers and Redecorating Secrets is the key to your decorating success.

This video is packed with 56 minutes of proven decorating tips, simple “how to decorate” explanations and loads of decorating photos that will make decorating your home a snap.

You can:

  1. Eliminate mistakes because you will know the best buys for your money
  2. End confusion about what to buy so you will select trendy home decoration items that will not be outdated next year.
  3. Update your rooms easily with your personal touch
  4. Create comfortable rooms where you and your family can relax

Designing rooms just got easier!


Grab your copy of Room Makeovers and Redecorating Secrets and create your stylish rooms. You can be on your way to dramatic results in just 3 simple steps:

1. Scan the entire video to get an overview of all the amazing home decorating ideas you can use when you are redecorating  your rooms.

2. Or, review the step that best fits the room you want to redecorate. Whether it is living room decorating ideas, choosing paint colors, how to accessorize with unique home decoration items, or more…you will find great tips throughout the 12 decorating topics included in the video.

3. Redecorate your room. You will find incredibly simple ways to redesign your room in 10 minutes or less. And, wait until you see the dramatic results. You will be astonished by how good your room looks…even when you are decorating on a budget.

Having the video is like having me right there with you. I share tips, techniques and insider secrets to help you unleash your inner design star.

VIDEO Playing with me narrating


Here’s a sample of what you will find inside Room Makeovers and Redecorating Secrets:

  • Arrange furniture with interior redesign secrets used on HGTV
  • Decorator techniques you can use to update your home in less then 5 minutes
  • How to add more usable space to your home without costly remodeling or renovations
  • Replicate trendy, high-end rooms at a fraction of the cost
  • When it is OK to break decorating rules…and when not to
  • Decorate the living room without making it look too “matchy-matchy”
  • 3 no-hassle ways to create flow within one room or your entire home


  • Secrets to decorating with original art without paying a fortune
  • Eliminate color mistakes with these 3 steps
  • Non-traditional ways to spruce up your rooms
  • Make your rooms look brand new without spending a cent
  • Tips for choosing the right furniture for your space
  • How to avoid wasting money when making purchasing decisions


  • Simple ways to turn a cluttered room into an eclectic showstopper
  • How to tastefully display home accessories
  • Unique ways to make your room look and feel more spacious
  • The fastest way to create a special space for your kids
  • The #1 tip for selecting home decor items
  • The best way to complement the mood and function of your room
  • The “must-have” items you need to create a decorating style

Ready to live in a more stylish and comfortable home?


What makes Room Makeovers and Redecorating Secrets different?

  • You have professional decorating secrets right at your fingertips.
  • I share many of the tricks of the trade some professionals do not want you to know.
  • The information in this program is from my first hand experience…not theory I learned in school and never practiced.
  • These tips will work in all kinds of rooms. My unique approach has been proven to work in rooms of all sizes, shapes and styles.

 What makes me qualified to teach you?

These decorating secrets come from me, Jackie Davis, a professional interior redesigner since 1998. These tips are based on over 12 years of practical experience…tried and true.

You may have seen one of the dozens of room redesigns I did on the HGTV program “Decorating Cents”.  Here I am with Steve. See his smile? I had just completed his living room redesign using what he already owns. It was not easy fitting that HUGE television in the room, but it worked!

Jackie Davis on HGTV with Steve

Jackie on HGTV with Steve, another happy homeowner


And, here is Francella hanging out with her Uncle Lou in her redecorated living room. The challenge – – make sure that no matter where guests were seated they could reach the snacks.  Mission accomplished!

Francella and Uncle Lou on HGTV

Francella and Uncle Lou on HGTV

Why you shouldn’t delay

Clients have paid hundreds and thousands of dollars for my in-home decorating services. Today it will not cost you $1500 or even $150 for me to help you redecorate your rooms.

Now you can get my video program for less than I charge for 30 minutes of my time.

You CAN be your own home decorator. With Room Makeovers and Redecorating Secrets  you can see how to use more creativity than cash to have a beautiful home interior.

Here is the outline for the video topics:

  1. Creating a descriptive label – How to avoid having a room look like a hodgepodge of clutter
  2. Design for the users – Whose home is it anyway?
  3. How to spend wisely – Tips for making wise purchase decisions and protecting your investment
  4. Creating beauty – What is it and how do you achieve it?
  5. Embrace color – Choosing colors the right way.
  6. Light up your life – Lighting for function and drama
  7. Arrange furniture – Knowing the best furniture placement for the size and shape of your room
  8. Style with art – Revealing your design style.
  9. Accessorize – Quick ways to put the “icing on the cake”
  10. Add the unexpected – Keeping your decor tasteful
  11. Transition spaces – Simple steps for maximizing the space in your home
  12. Remember the exterior – Fast ways to create curb appeal


Bathroom counter with accessories

Accessories Add Personality To A Room


  • Decorating On A Budget
  • Using What You Already Have
  • Understanding Trends and Fads
  • Making Rooms Feel More Spacious
  • Changing Rooms From Cluttered to Eclectic
  • …and much, much more!

Is there a guarantee?

Of course! I guarantee your satisfaction with Room Makeovers and Redecorating Secrets in 3 ways:

FIRST — I guarantee that the information is from first hand experience…not theory I learned in school and never practiced.

SECOND — I guarantee that these tips will work in all kinds of homes – from tiny one room city apartments to huge, sprawling country estates and everything in between.

THIRD — I guarantee this is the most convenient and affordable way to have me help you decorate your home. You will have access to my top quality decorating tips and when you choose Option 2, you get X additional bonuses. [INSERT]

My 100%, No Hassle, Money-Back Guarantee

Just watch the video and try some of the decorating tips. If you are not happy with the program, you get a full refund.

That way, you risk nothing. Absolutely nothing.



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Jackie Davis

Interior Redesigner

p.s. Having the video is like having me right there with you.  The 12 decorating topics are all in one video. View them all or just the ones you need to create your fabulous room.

p.p.s. Did I mention the big bonuses?

The value of the bonuses is $XXX.XX — that’s a $XX.XX value for Bonus #1 and Bonus #2 valued at $XX.XX. But, the bonuses are yours FREE when you get Room Makeovers and Redecorating Secrets today.

So, what are you waiting for? In just a few minutes you can be on your way to a beautifully decorated home.

The first step starts here:

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